About Science Film Museum

The science films such as “THE WORLD OF MICROBES”, filmed using special camera techniques that gave the world it’s first film footage of the world under a microscope received many major awards in domestic and international scientific film festivals A true photographic legacy. From an academic perspective, these films will prove to be effective educational materials for the present and for the future.

However, with the existence of these films known only by a few, they lie dormant within companies that undertook the projects and the storerooms of production companies. Furthermore, as these films were produced in the analog era, the degree of deterioration is severe and their maintenance is proving extremely difficult.

Consequently, we established “The Science Film Museum (Incorporated NPO)” to make practical use of those science films in educational and research facilities by converting them to the high quality digitalization(HD)  from the original 35mm negatives through telecine transfer. And we present them through the website, also so that many people can experience the wonders of the mysteries of life.

Organization and operation: Planning and operation of the Science Film Museum will be undertaken by the Society for the Support of the Science Film Museum (Incorporated NPO)

< Consultant >
Hisamaro TAKAKU (President of Jichi Medical University)
Shou TAKAKURA (former President of Meikai University)

< President >
Hajime ORIMO (President of Science University)

< Executive Directors >
Masayoshi KUMEGAWA (emeritus Professor of Meikai University)
Tetsurou OONUMA (Director of YONE PRODUCTION Co, Ltd)
Kazuo OKADA (Director of TOKYO CINEMA Inc.)

< Auditor >
Toshihiko YAJIMA (Professor of Health Sciences University of Hokkaido)

Acknowledgement. This site is supported in part by Saitamaken Culture Foundaition.

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