Hajime Orimo
Director of the Science Film Museum
Chairman of the Japan Osteoporosis Foundation

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Science Film Museum.

After World War II was over, Yonesaku Kobayashi, a skilled press cameraman, produced many educational science films with Souzo Okada, the president of Tokyo Cinema Inc. These science films have been acknowledged with admiration by the world of cinema. These films should be valued as part of the heritage of the world of science in Japan, and they still fascinate us with their timelessness.

However, these films have been exposed to severe storage conditions, as we have high temperatures and humidity in the Japanese summer, which means we should seriously be aware that this heritage is on the verge of extinction. Accordingly, we founded the NPO Science Film Museum in April 2007 for stewardship of the films as well as education and promotion.

With the generous and dedicated support provided by many, including renowned companies and volunteers, we have been webcasting more than 1,000 science-film titles for free. Most of these films are digitally processed with HD quality.

We would be grateful if you could enjoy these science films that are delivered on a weekly basis. Almost all of them have precious, timeless messages that we should appreciate.

Please enjoy the wonders and beauties of science, natural life, and humans.

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