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The NPO Science Film Museum was founded on 26 April 2007. Our mission is to collect, digitally process with cutting edge HD/SD technology, and webcast these films on our website, as well as to store them in excellent conditions so this heritage can continue to be appreciated in the future. We also hold various seminars, including screening events held at community centers and schools.

The NPO Science Film Museum is operated by the Committee of Supporters of the NPO Science Film Museum, whose chairman is Masayoshi Kumegawa, M.D., Ph.D., of Osaka University.

Contact Address:
Masayoshi Kumegawa
3-1-16, Kasumigaseki-Higashi, Kawagoe-city, Saitama Pref. 350-1103 Japan
TEL/FAX +81-49-231-2563

Board Members

No board members receive regular remunerations.

NPO Science Film Museum

< Advisors >
Fumimaro Takaku
Former president of Jichi Medical University

Yoshio Okada (deceased)
Former chairman of Senri Life Science Foundation

Sho Takakura
Former chairman of Meikai University

< Honorary Directors >
Kenji Kobayashi
Professor at Toho Gakuen University

Yasunori Kanazawa (deceased)
Professor emeritus at Jichi Medical University

< Director >
Hajime Orimo
Chairman of the Japan Osteoporosis Foundation

Committee of Supporters of the NPO Science Film Museum

< Honorary Committee Members >
Tetsuro Inoue
Professor at Hamamatsu University School of Medicine

Ikuko Ezawa
Former professor of Nihon Women’s College

Yuji Hiraki
Former professor at Kyoto University

Hiroyoshi Endo
Former professor emeritus at Teikyo University

Kiichiro Kagawa
Board chairman of the NPO Fukui Science Education Academy

Ikuo Miyazawa

Shogo Tsuchiya
President of Tokyo Bun-Ei Co., Ltd.

< Board Chairman >
Masayoshi Kumegawa
Professor emeritus at Meikai University

< Vice Chairman >
Kazuo Okada
President of Tokyo Cinema Co., Ltd.

< General Manager >
Yoshiyuki Hakeda
Professor at Meikai University

< Committee Members >
Terushige Kawada
Former professor at Tokushima University

Kenji Mino
President of MEDIA IMAGE Corporation

Taishin Takuma
Professor at the Health Science University of Hokkaido

Jun Tsuji
President of Magic Hour SA

Kenichi Tezuka
Associate professor at Gifu University

Nami Sugita
General manager of the Japan Biological Informatics Consortium

Ayumi Fujieda
President of Yone Production

Norihiko Maeda
Professor emeritus at Hiroshima University

< Auditor >
Toshihiko Yajima
Former professor at the Health Science University of Hokkaido

< Honorary Members >
Hiroshi Miki
President of Tokyo Koon Co., Ltd.

Kazuyuki Kato
President of Nichiei Kagaku Eiga Co., Ltd.

Takeo Kunimi
Deputy director of the School Committee, Tokushima Pref.

Tokio Asaka
Technician of biological material

Tomoyoshi Kasuga (deceased)

Kazuhiro Yabe
General manager of TV Asahi Corporation

Yukio Higashikawa
Member of the NPO Inter-Depending Network

Kiyoshi Yanbe
Former chairman of the NPO ICCH Senior Salon

Tamaki Takeuchi
President of SAINT-DESIGN Inc.

Norihiko Akatsuka

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