MR.OH a Korean calligrapher

Produced in cooperation with the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.
Remastered by The Science Film Museum.
1985 color 21 mins English.
Remastered in 2018.


Gold Award, San Mateo Fine Arts/Film Competition.
First Place, Marin County Film Competition.
Silver Apple Award, National Educational Film Festival.
Chris Bronze Award, Columbus International Film Festival.
Intercom/Chicago International Film Festival.
Asian CineVision/Asain American International Film Festival.


A serious yet charming personality, Suk Joo Oh is a calligraphy master and a Korean immigrant who has held firm to his ideals, both as artist and as man. In this touching and profound documentary, Mr. Oh reflects on the the path he has followed to hold on to his artistic ideals and surmount the frustrations of both life and art. He talks about the art of calligraphy, the importance of inner tranquility, self-discipline and practice. Mr. Oh defines calligraphy as harmony of hand and spirit.


Directed by: Toshi Washizu.
Produced by: Toshi Washizu, Richard Mellot, Jamie Kibben.
Cinematography: Toshi Washizu, Michael Chin.
Music by: Steve Coughlin, Jamie Kibben.
Translation Voice: Wood Moy.
Written by: Toshi Washizu, Alyosha Zosima.
Edited by: Toshi Washizu.
Distributed by: Washizu Films(Email:

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