Science Film Museum (Incorporated NPO)
Hajime ORIMO (President of Science University)

Welcome to the Science Film Museum.

Shortly after the WWII, news cameraman Yonesaku KOBAYASHI and his colleagues worked with Tokyo Cinema representative Souzou OKADA to create numerous science films. These science films were received with wonder and awe by the world’s science film industry, and have since become treasures in Japan and throughout the world. The unfading attraction of these films, which fuse together the truth and beauty of science, endures to this day.

However, although the attraction of the content has not faded, the film itself has deteriorated with the passage of time, and further difficulties in maintenance have brought these films to the brink of destruction. Consequently, the Science Film Museum (Incorporated NPO) was established to preserve these definitive science films and ensure that they will be passed down to future generations.

The Science Film Museum is pressing forward with the high quality digitalization (HD) of the original films, and making these almost forgotten science films available on the Internet. We hope you will fully appreciate the wonder, mystery, beauty and ingenuity and life and science through the films provided by the Science Film Museum. Please enjoy.

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