Life is Born

Color 17min. (1963)
Planned and produced by Tokyo Cinema Co., Inc.


1963 : Mainichi Film Awards, Educational Cultural Film Award
1963 : 2nd Place in the Best Ten Short Films listings of Kinema Junpo
1963 : University of Padova, Scientific and Educational Film Contest, Grand Prix Award
1964 : Budapest International Science and Technology Film Festival, Grand Prix Award
1964 : International Science Film Association, Athens Contest, Honorary Award
1964 : Tokyo Educational Film Awards, Gold Award
1964 : Science and Technology Film Festival, Award for Excellence


For the creation of this film, the germinal disc of a fertilized chicken egg was taken out of the egg and incubated in a glass container. Through observation of the growth process using microscopic high-speed photography, this film shows the breathtaking phenomenon that is the birth of life. The film dynamically follows the process through which a discoidal embryo gradually forms the basic body shape.

Academic guidance

Kaname OKADA (Director of National Museum of Nature and Science)
Matazou KUME (President of Ochanomizu University)
Ryuuichi YASUGI (Professor of School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Masuo USUI (Professor of University of Tokyo)
Tadao HAMA (Professor of Keio University)
Yuutarou HAYASHI (Professor of Faculty of Science, Nagoya University)


Olympus Corporation

Staff role

Producer : Souzou OKADA
Script : Yasushi YOSHIMI
Director of Photography : Yonesaku KOBAYASHI
Director : Masami WATANABE
Director : Masaaki OSHIMA
Photography : Isao ASANO
Photography : Hioromichi NAGAI
Biological materials : Tokio ASAKA
Biological materials : Nariyoshi TAKAOKA
Sound recording : Mikio KATAYAMA
Music : Toshi ICHIYANAGI
Narration : Tatsuya JOU
Film development : Toyo Genzousho

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