MARINE SNOW – The Origin of Oil -

Color 25min. (1960)
Sponsored by Maruzen Oil Co., Ltd. (Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.)


1960 : Educational Film Festival, Academic Science Film – Award for Excellence and NHK Award
1960 : Introducing Japan – Film Awards, Asahi Newspaper Award
1960 : 1st place in the Best Ten Short Films listings of Kinema Junpo
1960 : Mainichi Film Awards, Educational Cultural Film Award
1960 : Japan Cinematography Award
1960 : International Science Film Association, Prague Contest, Honorary Award
1960 : Cork Film Festival, Scientific Education Film – Best Film Award
1960 : University of Padova, Scientific and Educational Film Contest, 1st prize in the Educational Materials for Universities / Dissemination of Science section
1960 : Vancouver Film Festival, Honorary Award
1964 : Montreal Film Festival, Honorary Award


Oil is the energy resource that dominates the modern age, and is also used as the raw materials in the production of a wide variety of chemical products. It is solar energy lying dormant underground. So how was this oil created? Based on organic theory, the most supported theory today, this film examines the origins of oil.

Scientific instructors

Faculty of Science, Tohoku University
Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo
Department of Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Faculty of Liberal Arts, Hosei University
Faculty of Science, Kanazawa University
Faculty of Arts and Science, Shinshu University
Research Institute for Food Science, Kyoto University
Department of Science, Yokohama City University
The Association for the Geological Collaboration in Japan
Biology Laboratories, Aichi University of Arts and Sciences
Department of Chemistry, National Museum of Nature and Science
Faculty of Science, Nagoya University
Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, Geological Survey of Japan
Faculty of Science, Kyoto University
Science and Technology Agency, Resources Council
Resource Science Research Council
Fisheries Agency, Tokai region, Research Institute of Fisheries Science
Economic Planning Agency, Adjustments Bureau
Yoshimura School of Science

Staff role

Producer : Souzou OKADA
Script : Yasushi YOSHIMI
Director of Photography : Yonesaku KOBAYASHI
Director : Shinkichi NODA, Tetsurou OONUMA
Photography : Tomoki KASUGA, Sadao TOYOOKA
Lighting : Shouichi TABATA
Sound recording : Mikio KATAYAMA
Fabrication : Kennosuke TAKEDA
Music : Housei MAMIYA
Narration : Yo TAKASHIMA
Film development : Toyo Genzousho

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