THE WORLD OF MICROBES – In Quest of the Tubercle Bacilli -

Color 30 min. (1958)
Sponsored by Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Produced by Tokyo Cinema Co., Inc.


1958 : Introducing Japan – Film Awards, Asahi Newspaper Award
1958 : Educational Film Festival, Best Film Award and NHK Award
1958 : 1st place in the Best Ten Short Films listings of Kinema Junpo
1958 : Minister of Education Award / Mainichi Film Awards, Educational Cultural Film Award
1958 : Venice Documentary Film Festival, Best Scientific Film Award
1958 : Japan Cinematography Award
1958 : International Science Film Association, Moscow Contest, Honorary Award
1958 : University of Padova, Scientific and Educational Film Contest, Grand Prix Award
1958 : Selected as the annual representative work for the London Film Festival
1959 : University of Rome Science Film Festival, Fist Class Gold Shield Award / Japan Cinematography Award
1960 : University of Brussels, International Medical Film Festival, Grand Prix Award
1964 : Montreal Film Festival Honorary Award


How do tubercle bacilli multiply? How do phagocytic cells phagocytize? What happens to phagocytized tubercle bacilli? Using time-lapse microscopic photography, this film investigates this unknown world, and creates an observational record of the intensity of this life and death struggle. Once the tubercle bacilli are phagocytized, they destroy the phagocytic cells and start to multiply. The film also shows the drama of these events. You may not believe it, but this film was made in the 1950 years.

Academic guidance

National Institute of Preventive Health
National Hansen’s Disease Research Institute
Research Institute for Communicable Diseases, University of Tokyo
Acid-fast Bacilli Research Institute, Tohoku University
Faculty of Medicine, Nagoya University
Okayama University Medical School
Keio University School of Medicine
Institute of Public Health
National Nakano Hospital
The Research Institute of Tuberculosis, Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association
Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo
Kyoto University Tuberculosis Research Institute
Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University
Faculty of Medicine, Kyushu University
Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokushima
Kitasato Institute
National Sanatorium Kiyose Hosp

Staff role

Producer : Souzou OKADA
Script : Yasushi YOSHIMI
Director : Tetsuoru OONUMA, Masami SUGIYAMA
Photography : Yonesaku KOBAYASHI
Sound recording : Mikio KATAYAMA
Editing : Chounosuke ISE
Music : Yoshinori MATSUDAIRA
Narration : Einosuke SHINODA

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