Color 21 min. (1986)
Sponsored by Teijin Ltd and Fujisawa Phermaceutical Co., Ltd. (Astellas Pharma Inc.)
Produced by Yone Production Inc.


4th Medicinale, International Medical Science Film Festival, Excellent Production Award
/ Photographic Excellence Award
1986: 28th Science and Technology Film Festival, Award of the Minister of Science and Technology Agency


Over a long process of evolution, animals developed the complex functions of bones. Not only do bones support the body, they also serve to store and release minerals that the body needs, such as calcium and phosphorus. In addition, bones are constantly being broken down and reformed, and this is controlled by vitamin D and other hormones. Vitamin D works on the cells that create bone to promote bone formation. The bones that these cells build support life itself.

Academic supervisor

Hajime ORIMO (Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo)
Tetsuo INOUE (Hamamatsu University School of Medicine)

Academic guidance

Masayoshi KUMEGAWA (Josai Dental University)


Kunio TAKAOKA and Yasuhiko HAKAHARA (Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University)
Yasurou HIROZUMI (Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo)
Ikuo MORITA (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
Tsuneo TAKAHASI (Kanagawa Dental College)
Katrsumi IKEDA (Josai Dental University)
Teijin Institute for Biomedical Research

Staff role

Producer : Yonesakau KOBAYASHI
Director : Mieko FUNAKOSHI, Kazuhiko OSHIDARI
Photography : Ayumi TORII, Fumio KANEKO, Yuzuru SAKAMOTO, Noboru TOKAWA
Music : Toshi ICHIYANAGI
Narration : Kyouji KOBAYASHI

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