Color 20 min. (1989)
Planned by Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. and Sankyo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Daiichi-Sankyo Co., Ltd)
Produced by Yone Production Inc.


The red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body have a lifespan of 120 days. The living body continuously produces blood to ensure a plentiful supply of red blood cells. This film accurately records the conversion of stem cells into red blood cells. Conditions such as encounters with various other cells and contact with signals sent by other cells are important for the growth of blood cells, and the erythropoietin is one of these important signals. This signal stimulates the stromal cells to produce the necessary number of red blood cells which are continuously sent into the bloodstream.

Scientific supervisor

Fumimaro TAKAKU, M.D. Ph.D. (Tokyo UniversityUniversity of Tokyo)

Scientific Instructors

Yasusada MIURA, M.D. (Jichi Medical School)
Toshio SUDA, M.D. (Jichi Medical School)
Masuo OBINATA, Ph.D. (Tohoku University)
Takayuki HOSOI, M.D. (University of Tokyo)

Scientific Co-operator

Pharmaceitical Laboratory, Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.

Staff role

Producer : Yonesaku KOBAYASHI, Toyoko MATSUDA
Director : Kazuhiko OSHITARI
Biological materials : Yasuko KITAHARA, Kenji YOSHIMURA
Script : Mieko FUNAKOSHI
Photography : Ichirou ITOU, Yuzuru SAKAMOTO
Narration : Tatsuya JOU
Music : Toshi ICHIYANAGI

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