Black and White 23 min. (1966)
Planned by 9th International Cancer Congress Secretariat
Produced by Tokyo Cinema Co., Inc.


In 1966, the International Cancer Congress, held in major cities around the world, was held in Tokyo under President Tomizo Yoshida. This film is a record of the proceedings of this conference. The opening ceremony held in the Budokan was attended by the Crown Prince, who made an opening salutation, and the Princess Consort. The film also features the world’s prominent cancer related people of the time. Prince Hitachinomiya also attended the conference, and his consort Princess Hitachinomiya joined him for the Princess Consort’s luncheon. Unlike the present day, there were no academic conference centers, so the smooth running of the conference must have demanded a great effort from the organizers. Incidentally, Dr. Tomizo Yoshida was the editor of the films “Cancer Cells” and “In Pursuit of Cancer Cells” currently available through the Science Film Museum.

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