Lords of Hokkaido

Color 54 min. (1986)
Planned and produced by Tokyo Cinema Co., Inc.
Produced in association with Partridge Films Ltd. (London)


Wild Screen ’86 International Wildlife Film Festival, Special Award

Montana University, International Wildlife Film Festival (USA, Missoula), High Commendation Award

30th Introducing Japan – Film Awards, Gold Award – 1st Category

29th Science and Technology Film Festival, Award of the Minister of Science and Technology Agency – Special Recommendable Film by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Science and Technology Agency Recommended Film.
Selected as a “Special Recommendable Film” by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture
Science and Technology Agency Recommended Film
Japan PEN Club Recommendation


The film LORDS OF HOKKAIDO was created as a summary of the long-term joint research filmed on 16mm film by naturalists Minoru TKKERTADU, Atsushi SKRAI and Shuji SUZUKI on location in eastern Hokkaido from 1980 to 1983. Focusing on the life of a family of northern foxes (Hokkaido fox); this film also includes white-tailed eagles, sika deer, salmon runs, Hokkaido squirrels and chipmunks, etc, and conveys the songs of nature in the northern lands of Japan.

Scientific Advisors


Production Assitants

Richelle SHAW

Special Thanks to

The People of Koshimizu, Hokkaido
EC Japan Archives, Shimonaka Memorial Foundation
ANIMA, Magazine of Natural History

Staff role

Produced by : Kazuo OKADA
Directed by : Minoru TAKEKAZU, Atsushi SAKURAI, Yasushi SUZUKI
Photographed by : Tsuneya TANIGUCHI, Michinori KUSUWA
Negative Technician : Kimie KAWAGISHI
Post Produced in England by : Partridge Films
Narrated by : Ian HOLM
Written by : John WATERS
Music by : Brian GASCOIGNE
Edited by : Chris LAKEMAN FRASER
Sound by : Tim ROLT, Simon KNIGHT
Mixed by : Peter HODGES
Production : Chris LAKEMAN FRASER, John WATERS, Michael ROSENBERG

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